Is Europe’s New Copyright Directive An Answer To Infringement?

The European Parliament, in its most recent activity, passed a law that has the capability to change the face of the internet as we know it. The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, also known as the Copyright Directive, is heralded as one of the most contentious set of directions and rules, in the arena of the copyright laws. In September 2018, the members of the European Parliament proposed and ultimately passed, the new Copyright Directive. Having made several amendments, which tighten the copyright law in several little ways, the most eye catching have been Articles 11 and... Read More

Social Media (F) Law: The German Precedent

Recently, the Network Enforcement Act, commonly known as NetzDG has taken full effect from January 2018 in Germany. The controversial law was passed by the parliament in June 2017. This piece of legislation has created ripples around the globe with a fair amount of supporters as well as adversaries. For a democracy like India this law has raised concerns about what privacy actually entails and whether private organizations reserve the power to dictate our morals. About the Law The NetzDG requires that large social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, must promptly remove “illegal content,” as defined... Read More