Character Merchandising

INTRODUCTION Character merchandising is a clever marketing method through which goods and services similar to well-known imaginary or even real characters are made for appealing customers. In other words, it is a profitable manipulation of a renowned personality using their well-recognized national/international appeal. Overtime, the possibilities of character merchandising have amplified in such diverse forms that what perceived as an ancillary source of commercial abuse by the entertainment industry has become the sign in terms of revenue. From the initial days of character merchandising when Walt Disney Studios began licensing their famous characters in 1930s, to the present day film... Read More

India refuses to nod…for Noddy

 For the first time, I was forced by my friends to include pictures in my blog.  No wonder, the reason is that they all love the famous character ‘Noddy’.  Well, my reason for writing the blog is to share a very recent and an interesting Trade Mark case in the Delhi High court. The Plaintiff, Chorion Rights Limited herein referred as ‘Chorion’ filed a case seeking interim injunction restraining the Defendants, Ishan Apparel herein referred as ‘Ishan’ in the High Court of Delhi, India.  Chorion is the owner of the worldwide trademark rights in Noddy including the Noddy name... Read More