Trade Mark Renewal

Registration of a Trade Mark is valid for a period of 10 years. It can be renewed in every 10 years, perpetually. In India, renewal request is to be filed in form TM-R within six months before expiry of last registration of the Trade Mark. If renewal fee is not paid till expiration of last registration, surcharge has to be paid along with prescribed fee accompanied to form TM-R. If renewal fee along with surcharge is not paid in prescribed time, Trade Mark is liable to be removed. Once removed, restoration of Trade Mark can be requested along with prescribed fees and applicable renewal fees. The request for restoration can be filed from six months till expiry of 1 year from the expiration of last registration.


  • ConsultationOur representative will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and will consult you regarding the process of Trade Mark Renewal.
  • DocumentationAfter receiving the necessary details, our Trade Mark Agent or Attorney will prepare the relevant documents required.
  • FilingOur Attorneys will file the Trade Mark Application (Form TM-R) along with relevant documents.
  • RenewalIf all the documents are in place, it takes around 4-5 months to get renewal confirmation. Your Trade Mark will be renewed for another 10 years.



Documents Required

  • Power of Attorney