Copyright Services

Copyright is a form of Intellectual Property that is registered under The Copyright Act, 1957. Copyright comes into existence as soon as the work comes into being,wherein acquisition of copyright does not require completion of any formality. For a work to be copyrightable its expression should be original (not copied), and should involve skill and labor. Registration of an original work is not necessary but serves as a prima facie evidence in the court of law. It places record of the date and content of work in the copyright office, and therefore can be used as an official record in case of any infringement proceeding.Therefore, it is always advisable to register Copyright in respect of the work since Copyright Registration Certificate is accepted as a proof of ownership in a Court of law.

Creative work such as Literary work (including computer programmes and computer databases), Sound recording or audio recorded files, Cinematograph film (including films, videos, cartoon films etc.), Artistic work (including a painting, a sculpture, a drawing such as a map, chart or diagram, an engraving, a photograph, architecture/ artistic craftsmanship) , Dramatic work (including theatrical plays, television/radio/movie scripts, movie/television plots, choreography) and Musical Works (including songs, tunes, melodies)  can be protected by Copyright.

Our Services in relation to copyright protection include:

  • Filing of Copyright Applications with the Copyright Office for registration of original and creative work.
  • Responding to Copyright Objection(s) in respect of applications and all communications from the Copyright Office.
  • Enabling Copyright Registration of Sound Recordings and musical compositions.
  • Registration and compliances in respect of Computer Software Copyright.
  • Registration of Logo Copyrights For Goods and Services.


  • Consultation /
    Information Gathering
    Our Attorneys obtain information and documents that are required for initiating Copyright Registration proceedings.
  • Application PreparationBased on the information and formality documents provided, our attorneys will prepare the copyright application.
  • Application Filing Our attorneys will file the copyright application along with all the necessary process information details with the Copyright Registrar.
  • Copyright Registration Once we file an application, government registration process will start, wherein if there is no objection within stipulated time, the application is considered formally examined and scrutinized by the Examiner, and if no discrepancy is observed, the Registration is approved and Applicant is granted the Copyright.



Details Required

  • Title of the work to be filed
  • Name of the applicant (Company name as registered and registration details)
  • Address of the applicant
  • Name of all directors of the company
  • Language of the work (mention all languages if more than one)
  • Date, Month & Year of Publication in India
  • Name of authorised signatory
  • If the author is different than the applicant, mention the name of the authors (the author is the person who has actually drawn or executed the work in question)