Trends In Patent Regime Of India From 2012-17: An Efficient Era?

The Indian government has tried to strengthen the patent regime in India over the last few years. An Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) friendly regime is important for attracting foreign investors and companies. It also promotes growth of innovation by both domestic entrepreneurs and start-ups across all industries. Globally, India is presently Rank 14 in Patent filing activity by origin while China has consistently stayed in Rank 1 position. This article analyses the trends in the patent regime of India from 2012 to 2017. The main source of information is the Annual Reports released by the Office of the Controller General... Read More

Patent Prosecution in India- Revocation of a Patent

A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or an assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. In order to utilize any of these exclusive rights, third party requires permission of the patentee. This makes third party more vulnerable to challenge validity of the patent. According to section 64 of the patents act, 1970, a third party can be any person interested (a person who has a direct, present and tangible commercial interest who is injured or affected by the continuance of the... Read More

Is Someone Trying To Steal Your Unique Idea?

Still Wondering how to Defend Your Idea?  A patent is an exclusive right granted by a country to an inventor, allowing the inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling his or her invention in that country during the life of the patent. Exploitation of Patent Portfolio has become an industry in itself, especially with the cost of development and protection of the portfolio being enormous. It is therefore crucial to understand important Patent issues to minimize efforts in Patent Development, and maximize commercial gains. Importance of IP is imperative for Start-ups as their core differentiators can only be well protected if they have... Read More

India: Do we need Patent Term Extension and Non-Patent Exclusivities for Pharmaceuticals?

India, though in a phase of rapid economic development, still has the bane of poverty. In this country, around 22% of the population is Below the Poverty Line [1], and hence most of the nation’s policies are oriented towards the poor. India’s IP Policy is no different, as the IP legislature in India is mostly oriented towards giving the general public an easy and inexpensive access to medicines. Indian IP policy drafters have used every flexibility in the Agreement on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), to which India is a signatory, for this purpose. The curious case... Read More

First Symposium of IIPRD in 2017

After successfully conducting several symposiums in 2016, IIPRD is coming up with one-day seminar on software and electronics patent portfolio with focus on preliminary preparation, prosecution, and litigation in India and US.  While the programme is being organized in Pune on February 23, the one in Bengaluru will be hosted February 24. The seminar is being arranged by IIPRD along with Khurana and Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys and Sughrue Mion. With speakers like Chid Iyer-partner of International Law Firm of Sughrue Mion, Anubhav Kapoor-Tata Technologies’ General Counsel and Company Secretary, Vinod Khurana-Senior Partner at IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana,... Read More

Samsung Patent Licensing Agreement with Personalized Media Communications

Texas-based Personalized Media communications, which is having a seminal intellectual property portfolio, has successfully signed a patent licensing agreement with Samsung Corporation and its affiliates. PMC patent portfolio includes around 100 issued patents and pending applications that cover the use of control and information signals to control automated systems for generating and delivering electronic content to a display that is relevant to a user. Over the years, PMC is consistently pursuing a license-first approach to commercializing its intellectual property. In November 2015 PMC filed suit against Samsung in the Eastern District of Texas, claiming the electronics maker had infringed patents... Read More

Meizu – Qualcomm License Agreement Deal

Qualcomm and the Chinese consumer electronics company Meizu recently announced that they had signed a licensing deal with each other. With this deal, they ended a yearlong infringement suit which was filed by Qualcomm against the Chinese company. In the October of 2016, we came to know that Qualcomm (the largest chipmaker in the world) has filed patent infringement suits against the Chinese smartphone maker Meizu in the US International Trade Commission, the Mannheim regional Court in Germany and in France. The two went under a tiff when Qualcomm claimed that Meizu is refusing to negotiate the patent licensing deals... Read More

BlackBerry and India’s Optiemus Infracom sign’s licensing agreement to capture Asian smartphone market

BlackBerry once a phone innovator, was considered a game changer in 1999 when its mobile phone allowed on-the-go business people to access email wirelessly. BlackBerry devices were popular for a long time almost a decade. But with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and Google’s android in 2008 BlackBerry lost its market as a consequence of errors in its strategy and vision. Blackberry is striving to get back into the smartphone market for which it is strategically using third parties to manufacture and market the Blackberry smartphones. India being the fastest-growing smartphone market in the world, everybody is looking... Read More

Khurana & Khurana expands footprint in South East Asia

With business models over the world turning more idea-driven, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are now one of the most valuable assets for any economy. With a significant increase in IPR related activities, South East Asia is developing as a key market for IP Protection and initiating Enforcement actions. Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K) one of the leading IP and Commercial law firms in India is committed to provide high quality consistent End-to-End Legal Services in IP and Corporate Legal Matters, and with a belief that success comes only when one has a long-term perspective and high level of... Read More