The Nagoya Protocol – Convention on Biological Diversity

A new international treaty named the “Nagoya Protocol” will be giving some relief to India and other developing countries. The Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources with an objective of ensuring access of genetic resources to the signatory countries and ensuring fair and equitable sharing of benefit to the local community and signatory country that provides genetic resources is a supplementary agreement to the Convention of Biological Diversity. The protocol singed in Nagoya, Japan on 29th Oct 2010 having 50 signatory states (ratification by 50 countries being the threshold requirement) as on today is all set to come in force... Read More

Two-Days International Symposium on Strategies for Managing Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Chemical Patent Portfolios

We are happy to inform you all that IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana, in association with Cantor Colburn (US) and Fukami Patent Office (Japan) are holding an International Patent Symposium covering all major and relevant Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Related Patent issues in the month of February, 2014 in India. The Two-Days International Symposium would be covering Strategies for Managing Pharma, Biotech & Chemical Patent Portfolios in US, Japan & India and is being held from 3′rd-4’th February 2014 at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai and 5'th-6'th February 2014 at The Gateway Hotel Ummed, Ahmedabad. About the Speakers: The speakers are a unique gathering of Patent Attorneys, Legal Counsels,... Read More


Natco Pharma has filed India’s first Compulsory Licensing (CL) Application (in accordance with Section 84(1) of the Indian Patents Act) against one of the Bayer’s patented drug Sorafenib, marketed by Bayer as Nexavar for treating Kidney and Liver Cancer. Patent on Sorafenib is granted in India on 03.03.2008 having number IN 215758. This will be a landmark development of such licensing in India and being a test case would set a precedent for the forthcoming similar cases. The CL Application is published in the Official Journal of the Indian Patent Office and can be seen here. Section 84(1) of the... Read More


Working in the IP/Technology Commercialization and Out-Licensing domain makes you assess and evaluate commercial viability of numerous IP backed inventions across technology domains.  Apart from learning about and assessing new technologies, we also tend to learn quite of lot about Inventors mindset, specifically about their perspective of their own inventions. This article relates to our experiences in dealing with some of such Inventors and/or Applicants and making a humble submission to them to analyze their own work, not only from a technology point of view, but more important from a commercial viability and marketability perspective before initiating their research and... Read More

Anti Cancer drug: Making it Patient-driven, not Disease-driven

Introduction: French compatriots Ipsen and bioMérieux, have been few most potential companies, since 2007 in the development of companion assay to assess patient benefit from a compound useful for treating several severe forms of cancers.Partnership between two companies has focused on the two main broad areas of pharma research: Personalized medicine and Theronostics. Personalized medicine basically emphasizes the customization of healthcare, with all decisions and practices being tailored to individual patients in whatever ways possible. It involves the systematic use of genetic or other information about an individual patient to select or optimize that patient's preventative and therapeutic care. While... Read More

Food Market making Profit from Climatic Changes

Climatic changes being a source of making profit for food crop manufacturers. Adverse changes in climate has triggered the ecosystems affecting crops, livestock, fisheries and forests and the billions of people whose livelihoods depend on them. Extreme climate events (especially hotter, drier conditions in semi-arid regions) are likely to slash yields for maize, wheat, rice and other such primary food crops. Seed manufactures are now positioning themselves to take advantage of such changes with genetically engineered seed crops that can withstand such changes.  While good for the seed companies, this has some groups concerned.  ETC Group, dedicated to the conservation... Read More

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Licensing Deals: Case Studies

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Glenmark, research-driven, global, integrated pharmaceutical company with Research Focus on Inflammatory Diseases, Metabolic Disorders and Pain has a presence in over 80 countries around the world. The Company has a proven track record of entering into Licensing deals with Big Pharma and entered into Outlicensing deals in 2004 with Forest laboratories for Oglemilast, a drug that was potentially indicated for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and asthma and was still in the Development Phase at the time of entering into the deal. The potential value of the deal was $ 190 million in US. Glenmark later entered into... Read More