One Person Company (OPC)

The concept of One Person Company in India was introduced through the Companies Act, 2013 to support entrepreneurs who on their own are capable of starting a venture by allowing them to create a single person economic entity. One Person Company (OPC) offers the benefit of Proprietorship and Limited Liability to the shareholder/ owner. While only one person is required to operate an OPC, a nominee Director has to be nominated in case of any exigency.

What Is The Process?

  • Check availability of proposed company name and select up to six names in order of preference.
  • Once the proposed name is approved or is available, apply for OPC registration.
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) will be required for form submission; it is advisable to obtain DSC, if not available.
  • Director Identification Number (DIN) is mandatory; it is advisable to obtain DIN if a Director does not have one.
  • OPC is Incorporated within 10 – 15 business days from date of application.


2 Working Days

Application for DSC

DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) should be applied under the name of the applicant, which is mandatory to file for the company registration records. Our agents would guide you through the process of submission of a few scanned documents; after which we will file the form and put it online for submission.

5 Working Days

Registration for Certificate of Incorporation

Post submission of the application for DSC, we would require your Business Name and the supporting documents for the same. Based on the documents received, we will file SPICe i.e. INC-32 and the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Articles of Association (AOA). The Certificate of Incorporation will be processed and approved after the completion of this process.

2 Working Days

PAN/TAN Registration

For the registration of PAN/TAN, we would require you to send the hard copies of the relevant documents based on which we would file an online application of the same. Post the processing, the TAN and PAN will be dispatched to you to your registered office address only within 21 business days.

Details Required

  • Suitably drafted Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA), duly stamped with payment of stamp duty and signed.
  • Details of Nominee and nominee’s consent.
  • PAN Card and other address proof of Director and Nominee.
  • Identity and address proof such as Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter Identity Card, Driving License, Ration Card etc.
  • Residential proof with less than 2 months old Bank Statement or any utility bill (Electricity, Telephone, Water etc) having the name of the person.
  • Proof of registered office by way of landlord’s utility bill (less than two months old) or sale deed or rent agreement.
  • Affidavit and consent of Director.


1 Who can register an OPC?

As per the specifications of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, an Indian resident can register an OPC, and that, too, only one at a time.

2 How much capital is required to start an OPC?

For registration of an OPC, an authorized capital of Rs. 1 lakh is required to begin with, but none of this actually needs to be paid-up. This means that you don’t really need to invest any money into the business.