Patentability Of Foldable Touchscreen Technology

Introduction We all believed this just a few decades ago, that foldable touchscreen could only be seen in science fiction books and films but now it's almost in our hands, but when a revolutionary tech starts to boom, it booms everywhere. Foldable touchscreens can also be everywhere be Tablets, Video games, automobile, planes, etc. foldable touchscreen technology is a revolution in the tech. industry and will surely create an impact in this dynamic smartphone industry. Various Proposed and Some In Making Foldable Screen Smartphones  Samsung In the month April 2018, Samsung filed their foldable touchscreen phone trough U.S. Patent application. Samsung... Read More

Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting in India – Part II

METHODS OF RESOLVING CYBERSQUATTING DISPUTE IN INDIA INTERNATIONAL BODIES 1. ICANN dispute resolution policy – A trademark is protected by the laws of a country where such trademark has been registered. Moreover, a trademark may have a multiple registrations in many countries throughout the world. Since the internet allows us for the access without any geographical limitation, a domain name is accessible irrespective of the geographical location of the consumers. This will be beneficial for the universal connectivity which will grant domain name worldwide exclusivity and also many times the national laws might be inadequate to effectively protect a domain... Read More

Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting in India – Part I

INTRODUCTION The internet has brought a massive revolution in the 19th century which can be equated with the industrial revolution. The internet was launched for the purpose of communication between the masses but within the few years only, it became one of the most important tools for the communication for business transactions, governmental policies and social interaction. It has provided the opportunities for the millions of people and brought liabilities in the field of intellectual property, data privacy, etc. The challenges that the law has faced in recent years is, how to foster the development of intellectual property on the... Read More

Mathmatical Equation Per Se Cannot Be Copyrightable

  There is no legal provision till now which would establish that the mathematical equations are copyrightable or not? The conclusion is being made with the help of idea-expression dichotomy and the doctrine of merger. The mathematical equations are not copyrightable per se because granting the copyright will create a monopoly andevery person would not be able to use the equations (established fact). It is very similar to the saying that the law has been made but no person can use it. As, no one has copyright over the law/rule, the very same way mathematical equation also cannot be copyrighted.... Read More

International Patent Filing via Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT)

Why to file International Patent Application? For protecting an invention, patent protection is taken by people, multi-national companies, research institutions and universities. Since, patent protection is jurisdiction specific in nature, it only gives the protection for the country in which it is filed. An international patent application helps applicant to seek patent protection based on the priority date of initial application in other countries also. Therefore, there is a need of an international patent protection.  There are broadly two ways for seeking international patent protection: Convention Patent Application and PCT Application. What is a PCT Application? The Patent Cooperation Treaty, or... Read More