Trips Plus And Biodrugs: Imperative Poise Between IP Fundamentalism And Access To Biodrugs

Introduction TRIPS (standing for Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights) has led to the coming up of  unified IPR protection norms or what can be termed as minimum standards of IP Protection across the different jurisdictions in the world. ‘TRIPS plus’, however,  can be termed as a ‘much greater set of standard of IP protection than ‘TRIPS’, [1] that is basically lobbied upon  the developing countries, by the developed countries of the world. On the other hand, Bio drugs are “complexly structured large molecule drugs which are usually derived from metabolic processes of living cells for treatment, diagnosis and prevention of... Read More

Anything New In The Debate Over Intellectual Property Protection (IP)?

There is one group of people delirious with joy about everything digital, and the other side gloomy with a sense of doom. Is there a middle way? We’d dare to suggest there is, but first everyone must realize that there is no clear answer in this debate. Let’s start by acknowledging the fact that both sides have some excellent viewpoints. This debate runs into a tough terrain because two important principles collide: legal protection for intangible works against free expression and exchange of ideas. IP disputes have always involved the fundamental tradeoff between these two principles. The most revolutionary voices... Read More