Trademark Overview

Trade Mark Act, provides with the provisions relating to registration of marks, filing of application in different classes, renewal period for the protection of the trademark, remedies available in cases of breach or violation of the respective trademark as well as the grounds for the recognition of a mark as a well-known trademark. Trade mark as defined under the Trade Mark Act, provides a mark capable: Graphically representation Capable of distinguishing goods and services from one person from those of others Distinctive character Mark includes a device, brand, heading, label, name, signature, word, letter, numeral, combination of colors or any... Read More

Things to Look For When Choosing the Right Trademark Attorney

Intellectual property laws cover a very broad aspect ranging from patents, trademarks, copyrights to legal issues which contracts. It is pertinent to note here that Thousands of trademark applications are turned down every month for many reasons. However, Working with a Trademark attorney will limit the likelihood of this occurring. Even though wide range of trademark Attorneys are there and finding a trademark attorney is not a very challenging task. However, the following are few things that one must consider while picking up the right attorney: 1. Specialization: The very first thing to take into consideration while short listing the... Read More

Patenting Your Invention – Five Common Mistakes to Avoid

A road to gaining significant profits by commercializing an invention begins with filing of a patent application for obtaining a patent. There are many common mistakes, which an applicant commits that may lead to undesirable consequences such as failure to obtain the patent even if the invention has potential to bring high monetary value to the applicant. Some of the common mistakes that an applicant can avoid for smooth flow of patenting process are: Mistake 1: Delay in Filing Patent Application Many countries have opted for a first-to-file system. Under this system, the right to grant of a patent for an invention... Read More