Deceptive Similarity of in case of Pharmaceutical Products

Trade Marks is an indication of origin of goods and services and it distinguishes between the goods and services of one from another. Trademark provides a recognition and public associate a trademark with particular attributes. We often come across many marks where one copies the substantial or prominent part of the already existing mark or uses deceptively similar mark so to cash upon the existing reputation of a well-established mark by causing confusion as to the source and origin of the mark. Various factors which are considered in determining whether the mark is deceptively similar or not are nature of... Read More

Color Trademarks

Color trademarks are those category of non-conventional trademarks in which at least one color is used for uniquely identifying the commercial origin of products or services to differentiate them from similar products or services in the same market segment or industry. Such kind of trademarks are used by manufacturers of products or services as they believe in uniquely differentiating their products or services through color/s in such a way that the consumers identify their products and services just by looking at their colors. To understand the concept of color trademarks first it is important to understand the concept of non-conventional... Read More