International Patent Application Vs Direct Overseas Patent Filings

The patent filing services across the globe follow similar stipulations for filing of international patent applications. A patent applicant has the following three options for filing an international patent application: Filing the first patent application in a Paris Convention country (member state of Paris convention) and then file separate applications in other Paris convention countries within 12 months from the filing date of the first application. Using the PCT filing procedure i.e., The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) which is an international agreement that provides a unified and simplified procedure for filing multiple foreign patent applications via a single initial application.... Read More

Patent Prosecution in India – Restoration of Lapsed Patent

Patent is an important, but an expensive way to protect our invention, product and/or process according to its originality, practicality and utility. However, the end financial gain from a patented invention is quite high, if the invention is of good commercial value. Term of a patent is 20 years that starts with earliest filing date of a patent application (i.e. from the filing date of a provisional application or the filing date of a complete application in case the provisional application is not filed). To maintain a patent, a maintenance fee or a patent renewal fee needs to be paid... Read More