Notification Related to Abeyance of Mass Abandonment Orders: A Sigh of Relief to Trademark Applicants

Reportedly, the Trade Mark registry has abandoned huge number of trademark application since 28th March 2016. The Intellectual Property Attorneys Association, an organization based in Delhi, filed writ petition at Delhi High court alleging that the trademark registry has cancelled an unusually huge number of trademark applications without issuing notices to the applicants or their agents. Through a separate petition Tata Steels Ltd also moved to the court seeking stay on the order affecting its rights by such abandonment. The matter was taken on board on dated 4th April 2016 considering the urgency and seriousness of the matter and the... Read More

Snapshot of the Latest Examination Guidelines for Computer-Related Inventions (CRIs) in India – Feb 2016

Indian Patent Office (IPO) has come up with another set of revised guidelines indicating how CRIs would be examined in India. This piece is a quick update and summary of the guidelines, although practically speaking, nothing much has really changed as regards the interpretation of the statute Section 3(k) is concerned and the tests mentioned in the instant guidelines are substantially the same as the previous guideline and are in consistency even the original intent of the statute. Brief of the Guideline The guideline essentially starts with definition/interpretation of various terms relating to computer-based inventions, followed by how novelty/non-obviousness (inventive... Read More