Monkey Selfie-Legal Aspects

Background David J. Slater is a British wild life photographer from Gloucestershire who ventured to an Indonesian jungle in 2011 to take photos of extremely rare crested black macaque monkeys. As he narrated the story to the telegraph, he told “They were quite mischievous, jumping all over my equipment and it looked like they were already posing for the camera when one hit the button.”A curious female grabbed his camera and snapped hundreds of shots. The best one out of the image was a selfie by a female macaque grinning toothily into the camera. Mr. Slater eventually retrieved it. The... Read More

Bose Vs Beats- The Headphone War

There has been great buzz in patent world with the reported news on 25 Jul 2014 of suits filed by Bose Corps against Beats Electronics in US International Trade Commission (ITC) to block US imports of noise cancelling headphones made by Beats Electronics and a mirror suit in Federal District Court in Delaware, USA over the alleged patent infringement of its noise-cancelling technology used in Beats headphones. The patent infringement suit is being viewed by different entities in different perspectives. Is it just a fight by Bose Corporation to protect its IP rights? Or is it a proverbial  David versus... Read More

Vacation of injunction upon invalidation of patent by USPTO ePlus. v. Lawson Software

In a recent judgment, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on July 25, 2014, vacated the U.S. District Court's decision on injunction and contempt orders against Lawson Software and instructed the lower court to dismiss the patent litigation case brought by ePlus, Inc. This decision mainly pertains totwo main issues. Firstly, whether an injunction can continue after the USPTO has cancelled the only claim on which the injunction was based. Secondly, whether the civil contempt remedies based on violation of an injunction are appropriate when the injunction itself has been overturned on direct appeal. The decision can... Read More

Revised Draft Guidelines for Examination of Pharma Patent Applications

We have earlier reported the release of Draft Guidelines for Examination of Pharma Patent Applications. The Patent office has now released revised draft guidelines and in continuation of our earlier article here, we explain herein what those revisions are and impact of the guidelines in general. The revised guidelines are available here. The revised guidelines of 12th August 2014 are not much different from the earlier guidelines of 28th February 2014 with only some clarity provided at certain places. For example, the scope of the guidelines is clarified by inserting that “Examiners are requested to examine applications on a case-to-case... Read More

Two Days International Symposium for R&D Scientists and IP Practitioners

Two Days International Symposium for R&D Scientists and IP Practitioners We are happy to inform you all that IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana, in association with Sughrue Mion, PLLC, (US) is holding an International Patent Symposium covering all major and relevant Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Related Patent issues in the month of September, 2014 in India. The Two-Days International Symposium would be covering Strategies for Managing Pharma, Biotech & Chemical Patent Portfolios in US & India and is being held from 22 -23’rd September 2014 at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai and 24-25’th September 2014 at Hotel Taj Banjara, Hyderabad. About the Speakers: The speakers are a... Read More

Patent Registration Process in India

With a significantly increasing number of Individual Inventors and Small/Medium Sized Clients regularly asking on Patent Registration Process in India, this article is an effort by our Intern, Ananya Singh, to come up with a quick article on Patent Registration Process in India. We hope that a link to the article can give desired clarity on the procedure. A patent is an exclusive right granted by a Government for a limited period of time within a particular territory to an inventor or assignee to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, selling, or importing an invention, in exchange for... Read More

Amendment in Trade Mark Fees

Recently, Controller General of Patents Design and Trade Marks, Mr. Chaitanya Prasad,has issued a Public Notice on August 7, 2014, wherein it has been put forth that, from August 1, 2014,Official Fees for filing a new Trade Mark application in one class has been increased from Rs. 3500/- to Rs. 4000/-. It was also mentioned that the fee for expedited examination has also been increased upto Rs. 20,000/-. The notification can be seen here. All the Applicants/ Agents who have filed a new Trade Mark application or have requested for expedited examination are required to submit the deficiency of Rs.... Read More

We have moved to a New Office Location!

We are very happy to announce that we have recently moved our office location to a new, much bigger space. After having been at our previous location since 2007, the new office will help accommodate the needs of Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys and IIPRD’s growing clientele. Our new office is significantly larger, total area of 800 square meters, and it gives our staff a greatly improved working environment, as well as room for continued expansion. The three-story office building features office space for more than 150 staff, enhanced security and document storage measures, conference halls, large dining... Read More