Smart Strategizing – Protection by shielding through Patent Evergreening in Pharmaceutical Domain with special reference to Roche v Cipla

Pankaj Mohanta, an intern at Khurana and Khurana talks about patent evergreening in the pharmaceutical domain. Through this post, he gives special emphasis on the recent landmark case of Roche v Cipla, which created quite a stir in the pharmaceutical industry. Needless to say, patent evergreening is that territory which falls in a bit of a grey area. With the recent criticisms and mushroom cloud of controversies surrounding this topic has forced the pharmaceutical companies to sweep this method piece under carpet. But perceiving the high value returns in this era of uncertainty with an insight to step a foot... Read More

Two International Symposiums on Patent Portfolio Management Strategies for Pharma and Biotech Industry, (i) for R&D Scientists and IP Professionals, and (ii) for Business Development and Licensing Professionals (running concurrently)

About the Symposiums: These Symposiums feature presentation of all important patent issues, as mentioned in the brochure, related to two different groups i.e. Business Development and Licensing Professionals on one hand and R&D Scientists & IP Professionals on the other hand. Both these symposiums for different groups would run concurrently in the different Conference Halls at two different halls of Hotel Hilton. Workshop will provide an opportunity to receive first-hand information including recent judgments on various issues from the experts in the fields. About the Speakers: The speakers are a unique gathering of Patent Attorneys, Legal Counsels, and also include... Read More

Divisional Application

Pankaj Mohanta, an intern at Khurana and Khurana Advocates and IP Attorneys gives us an overview and analysis of divisional application. BACKGROUND: A divisional patent application is generally a fair basic patent application which differs from the parent application comprising of data, analysis, results and insights about a particular invention from a previously filed application. The object herein lies about balancing the mutual dependency over the insight driven analogies whilst retaining the identical time bound priority rights where it may still retain the parent application’s filing date. Much care and attention has to be brought into serious consideration while bringing... Read More