The Billion Dollar Game: Samsung and Apple fight it out

24’th Aug 2012 was another milestone date indicating the value that IP can (of course in geographies which have respect and appreciation for IP!!!) hold and govern for a corporate. More than the award, it’s the injunction and respect for IP that matters and boosts the confidence of Corporates that have innovation as a core philosophy of their existence. The story of contention between Apple and Samsung is not new and has been on in various geographies for over 2 years now but the verdict of last Friday did make waves, tremors of which would have surely been felt strongly... Read More

Smile, you are on camera!

Every celebrity would agree when we say that stardom comes at a price. Their right to privacy is always threatened with the constant paparazzi encroaching upon their personal lives. Unauthorized photography often results in tabloid and defamatory reports in the media, which can sometimes scar the celebrity’s life forever.  From sports persons to movie stars to politicians to Princes and Princesses- they are all celebrities. The Indian Copyright Act, 1957 defines a ‘performer’ in Section 2(qq). It includes ‘an actor, singer, musician, dancer, acrobat, juggler, conjurer, snake charmer, a person delivering a lecture or any other person who makes a... Read More

Recent Indian Patent Office Updates

1. The Indian Patent Office publishes list of all Applications related to Traditional Knowledge The Indian Patent Office makes available the list of the Patent Applications filed at the Indian Patent Office relating to the Traditional Knowledge here. The published applications are around 795 in number.  The List contains the Application Number, Date of Filing, title of the invention, Applicant’s name and address and publication date. TKDL (Traditional Knowledge Digital Library) comprises of approximately 2.08 lakh formulations based on Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Yoga. These have been transcribed in five different languages, namely, English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese, with... Read More

Examination Guidelines/Standards – Indian Patent Office

This article relates to a recent judgment of IPAB for a patent application 2254/DELNP/2005 which was refused to proceed further by the Indian patent office. The judgment illustrates the mode in which decisions are established by the patent office during the examination/prosecution phase. Copy of the decision can be accessed here. Brief summary of the case The patent application relates to "A New Crystal Form of Adefovir Dipivoxil and its Composition" and was filed by Tianjin Kinsly Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, China on 26th May 2005 bearing patent application number 2254/DELNP/2005. The application claimed a new crystal form of Adefovir dipivoxil... Read More


India may be a cricket crazy nation but it is the Olympics that has every Indian clinging on to his television set these days, cheering for his country. The Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events in the world where more than 200 nations participate in nearly 400 events. The media exposure became a lucrative business and since it is held once in four years, it is a tussle between brand owners to sponsor this major international event. In the extraordinary growth of sponsorship over the last decade, there is a raging competition between companies to secure and protect... Read More

A Bid for Trouble?

With the advent of technology, online auctions have become popular over the years. People find it convenient since it removes the geographical, space and time limitations and it reaches out to a wider audience.  Of course, the meaty discounts are another incentive!! Auction sites like eBay, uBid and are among the top 3 sites who maintain the mantle of the leaders in this field. While the advantages are many, there are also shortcomings to this medium of internet. All bids cannot be genuine and it cannot be always ascertained, whether the bid is authentic or false.  Shill bidding (placing... Read More