Form 3 – Some Reflections

Lately, we have been receiving a number of queries from our International clients related to the submission of Form 3 at the Indian Patent Office. The queries range from timing, frequency, content and information included in the Form 3. The aim of this article is to quickly put forth salient features of the Section 8, bring some light on the procedure and formulate some general guidelines which should be adhered to. Form 3 is a Statement and Undertaking regarding Foreign Applications which is required to be submitted to the Indian Patent Office under Section 8. Section 8 is defined as:... Read More

E-Filing of Trade Mark Application and Related Documents with Indian Trade Marks Registry to be made mandatory

Indian Trade Marks Registry has on 03rd November 2011, published on their website Gazette Notification dated October 13,2011 which states that after expiry of forty five days from the date (which falls on 18 Dec 2011) on which this notification is published, the e-filing of trade marks applications and related documents will be made mandatory after considerations of objections and suggestions received from public in this regard. As an impact of this, if one files a Trade Mark application online, he/she will: • Receive a trade mark application number immediately • Receive an On-line verification to assure error-free filing and... Read More

Technology Transfer Opportunities for Pharma/Biotech/Diagnostic Companies in the SME Sector

IIPRD (IIPRD) is among the leading Indian IP Consulting Firms focusing on Technology Transfer and Licensing for numerous Indian and Global Corporates and Research Institutes. IIPRD is highly active in the Technology Transfer and Licensing of Patent Backed Technologies/IP’s in the domains of Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Telecommunications, Software and Medical Devices among others. IKP Knowledge Park: IKP Knowledge Park (formerly known as ICICI Knowledge Park) is a non-profit Science and Technology Park based in Hyderabad, and is recognized as the premier biotech park in India. It is playing an active role in developing the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Foundation... Read More

Stem Cells Unpatentable on destruction of Embryos

On 18 October 2011, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave its decision in Brustle v Greenpeace (C-34/10) regarding the patentability of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) in Europe. This Decision is largely in view with the Opinion of the ECJ Advocate General issued in March this year. European Court of Justice (ECJ) stated; “A process which involves removal of a stem cell from a human embryo at the blastocyst stage, causing the destruction of that embryo, cannot be patented. The use of human embryos for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes which are applied to the human embryo and are useful... Read More