Two Day International Symposium On Strategies for Managing Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Chemical Patent Portfolios

IIPRD (Institute of Intellectual Property Research & Development) is happy to announce its International Symposium on Strategies for Managing Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Chemical Patent Portfolios. Presentation of all important patent issues such as identification of potential inventions, Biosimilar Legislation, preparation of claim sets, prosecution and examination practices, drafting of responses of Office Actions, ANDA Litigation, and recent case law updates can be expected at the symposium. The two day international symposium will be held at Hotel Hilton, Mumbai on 10th and 11th Oct. IIPRD is organizing the international symposium with the help of international law firms Sughrue Mion PLLC and... Read More

One Day Symposium On Advanced Patent Issues Related To Software, Electronics, Telecommunication Business Methods & Network Computing With Focus on US, EP, and Indian Scenario

IIPRD (Institute of Intellectual Property Research & Development) is happy to announce its International Symposium on Advanced Software, Electronics, and Business Method Patent issues. Presentation of all important Patent Issues relating to Prosecution and Enforcement Strategies, Identification of potential inventions, Types of claims allowed in each geography, and their relevance to the broadness of claims, Preparation of set of claims, including an experience sharing session on Drafting of Patent Applications, and Patent Prosecution can be expected from the speakers. International symposium will be held at Mumbai on 11th Oct ’2011 at Hilton Hotel and at Hyderabad on 12th Oct 2011... Read More


Working in the IP/Technology Commercialization and Out-Licensing domain makes you assess and evaluate commercial viability of numerous IP backed inventions across technology domains.  Apart from learning about and assessing new technologies, we also tend to learn quite of lot about Inventors mindset, specifically about their perspective of their own inventions. This article relates to our experiences in dealing with some of such Inventors and/or Applicants and making a humble submission to them to analyze their own work, not only from a technology point of view, but more important from a commercial viability and marketability perspective before initiating their research and... Read More

With newly amended Design rules, will India keep up the pace with other global countries?

The Indian Design Act 2001 with some significant changes incorporated in the Amendment Rules, 2008 is serving its purpose well to keep pace with the rapid changes in the technology and international developments.  In view of the globalization of the economy, India is becoming a major hub in the field of industrial designs and Indian Design Law and its administration is suitably aligned with the changed technical and commercial scenario and conforms to international trends in design administration. The Design Wing of the Indian Patent Office has taken some bold steps and corrective measures to streamline the procedure in the... Read More