Microsoft Corp V/s TiVo, Inc

The present case relates to an infringement petition filed by Microsoft Corp against TiVo, Inc. in California Northern District Court, for infringing its two patents, Patent No. US 6,008,803, (‘803) and Patent No. 6,055,314, (‘314). The case was filed on January 19, 2010. The case is still waiting for its decision and its next hearing is on March 30, 2011. The patents in context relate to an information display, for an user, for purchasing and display of video contents. As TiVo manufactures related products such as, TiVo premiere and TiVo Premiere XL, which are basically set top boxes, the products... Read More

Due Diligence Search Strategies…2

This article is in continuation with the blog “Due Diligence Search Strategies for Determining Patentability of Exemplary Indian Patent Applications”  by IIPRD (Please click here to read the blog), an initiative from IIPRD to randomly pick up recently published Indian patent application and try and understand the chances of getting a valid patent. IIPRD made note of an Indian Patent Application, which has been recently been published in the Indian Patent Journal relating to methods and systems for selecting a mobility anchor point for a mobile node in a network. In summary the patent discloses, a Multi-node (MN) that connects... Read More

Due Diligence Search Strategies for Determining Patentability of Exemplary Indian Patent Applications

When Patent experts advise to Large and Small Corporations and Institutes to focus on Due-Diligence before filing patent application, it’s not without any substantive motive. What is the point of having a patent, even though it gets a grant, if the same is not enforceable? It’s almost like having a piece of paper with no economic and commercial viability. Its known that almost 40% of the total number of patents granted in US are challenged on validity at some point or the other of their legal life. With the increasing load of the respective country’s patent offices, an increasing percentage... Read More