Trademark tiff between Masculine drink makers and its challengers!

Just days after I bought my first bottle of the ‘must have’ “Knock-out” pepper spray, I came across a trademark dispute between the makers of this product and manufacturers of the beer brand “Knock-Out”. What came next were a series of interesting case laws, and evidences, and finally the verdict of Delhi High Court Justice Bhat. The Case:  Skol Breweries v. Unisafe Technologies- alleged infringement, passing off and unfair competition. The plaintiff (Skol) filed for a permanent injunction against the defendant (Unisafe), accusing the later to have been using its trademark “Knock-Out” inappropriately with an intent to harm Skol’s business.... Read More

Greif & Technocraft

The case is all about a mech. patent granted in Europe in 2008.  The Proprietor (Applicant) Grief International Holding B.V is holding the Patent EP 1467922 (‘922).  The Patent relates to an improved container closure plug having a unique gasket retaining feature.  Interestingly, Technocraft Industries, a company based out of India filed an Opposition in the year 2009 to revoke this patent. Technical Aspects of the Invention: The present invention in question provides a closure plug that overcomes the problem of sealing gasket gripping and looping persisted in the available art.  Particularly, the Independent claim of the present invention is... Read More