The Bilski Battle Ends…still the war of Patenting Business Method is on…

Introduction:- Do you need one? I am sure by this time you would have read or heard about the Bilski case somewhere. Well it’s not too late to know about it. Petitioner filed a patent application that claims a Business method @ USPTO. The claim included a subject matter that explains how commodities buyers and sellers in the energy market can protect or hedge against the risk of price changes. The Patent examiner rejected the application on the grounds that the invention is not implemented in any specific apparatus and merely solves a mathematical problem. Subsequently, the BPAI agreed to... Read More

Roche’s Struggle Over its Patents in India – Two suits, Two oppositions

The struggle between innovator pharmaceutical companies (mostly in the Western world) and developing world Generic companies has been lately played out in India and especially for the last 2-3 years in the form of litigations and oppositions. Here I would be discussing the specific case of Roche (a Swiss Pharma Company) showcasing its journey of wins and loses over its patents and the discussion over the emerging issues in India. Roche and Wockhardt - Roche got its first product patent in India in 2006 (and in return India got its first pharma product patent since its amended patent regime came... Read More

Is Section 3(k) losing its significance?

It wasn’t long back when section 3(k) defined as “A mathematical or business method or a computer programme per se or algorithms are not patentable” was under heavy discussions as regards the standards based on which patentability of a computer implemented invention alias software invention would be examined. A computer implemented invention was defined as any invention the performance of which involves the use of computer, computer network or other programmable apparatus, or an invention one or more features which are realized wholly or partially by means of a computer programme/ programmes. Computer programmes, on the other hand, were defined... Read More


IP Issues that concern generic pharma companies generally center on ANDA filing, Patent Litigation, Patent Outlicensing and Brand Acquisitions. It has been very rare for an Indian generic player to be involved into all the four aspects in a single case involving a common drug molecule. One such case with India headquartered Sun Pharma as the ANDA Filer and Key Litigator has been taken as the subject matter for the current study. Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd, a leading India-based global pharmaceutical company with interests in the cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, gastroenterology, diabetology and respiratory disease segments has been very active in building... Read More