India refuses to nod…for Noddy

 For the first time, I was forced by my friends to include pictures in my blog.  No wonder, the reason is that they all love the famous character ‘Noddy’.  Well, my reason for writing the blog is to share a very recent and an interesting Trade Mark case in the Delhi High court. The Plaintiff, Chorion Rights Limited herein referred as ‘Chorion’ filed a case seeking interim injunction restraining the Defendants, Ishan Apparel herein referred as ‘Ishan’ in the High Court of Delhi, India.  Chorion is the owner of the worldwide trademark rights in Noddy including the Noddy name... Read More

Hi-tech Patent Licensing Trends

Ever since Software Patents have got easier to get a grant for, protection of computer readable medium claims on a storable media have enforced the Intellectual Property Rights to a much higher level that a software company can have when compared with the counterpart System and Method claims. Although most countries, unlike US, are still opposing in great deal the grant of Software patents, practices in US and shipping of software components from US to the rest of the world poses lack of clarity on the rights of the companies using such a piece of code. Such software patentability issues... Read More

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Licensing Deals: Case Studies

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Glenmark, research-driven, global, integrated pharmaceutical company with Research Focus on Inflammatory Diseases, Metabolic Disorders and Pain has a presence in over 80 countries around the world. The Company has a proven track record of entering into Licensing deals with Big Pharma and entered into Outlicensing deals in 2004 with Forest laboratories for Oglemilast, a drug that was potentially indicated for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and asthma and was still in the Development Phase at the time of entering into the deal. The potential value of the deal was $ 190 million in US. Glenmark later entered into... Read More

Research in motion vs Motorola

Research in motion vs Motorola This time Research In Motion (RIM) was “put in trouble” by Motorola for infringing the latter’s patent “Beletic”. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Enterprise solution “BES” and BlackBerry Internet Solution “BIS” are alleged to infringe the Motorola’s patent. This time Research In Motion was well prepared and ready to revocate the patent as a matter of Counterclaim action. Beletic Invention relates to an improved two-way paging and messaging system. Independent claim 1 relates to a method to operate messaging gateway system that is operable to receive message from a remote messaging system and to construct transmittable... Read More

Asian Electronics Ltd. vs. Havells India Ltd.

Working of the invention playing a role in deciding Balance of convenience This time Asian Electronics Ltd., referred to as Asian hereinafter, owner of the Indian Patent Application No. 193488 titled “Conversion Kit to change the fluorescent lighting units inductive operation to electronic operation” claimed injunction and consequential reliefs including damages against the Defendant, also referred to as Havells hereinafter. Mr. Shah, Chairman, Asian, developed an improved conversion kit to change the 4 feet long T8 or T12 from inductive operation to electronic operation without any re-wiring to avoid the problem of flicker while starting and discharge of invisible gas... Read More