Actavis and Novartis

ACTAVIS’ “EXPECTATION OF SUCCESS” AFFIRMED ACTAVIS UK vs NOVARTIS AG The High Court, Court of Appeal has recently upheld a decision on Appeal from the High Court, Patents Court, that the Novartis’s European Patent (UK) 0948320, a sustained release formulation of Fluvastatin (a Cholesterol lowering drug), is invalid on the ground of obviousness. Earlier in the Patents Court Actavis claimed for the revocation of Novartis patent on grounds of obviousness and insufficiency in the Patents Court. There was also a counterclaim by Novartis for infringement of its patent. Novartis conceded that the claims as granted could not be granted and... Read More

Nokia & Ipcom

Introduction: It all started when the licensing deal between Nokia and Ipcom broke in Germany. From then, it was a legal war between these two giants. While Ipcom along with its bunch of patents trying to target each and every mobile model of its rivalry, Nokia trying to revocate Ipcom’s each patent one by one. For now, Ipcom sued Nokia for they infringed its UK patents “540 808” (“808”) and “1 186 189” (“189”). Validity of “808” Patent: In “808” patent the principal claim relates to a synchronization method for mobile radio telephones in a cellular network comprising number of... Read More

Eli Lilly Vs Sun Pharma and others

Lilly’s Patent relates to method of treating Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with administration of effective amount of Tomoxetine. Lilly markets atomoxetine capsule under the brand name STRATTERA®. The US Patent 5,658,590 was assigned to Lilly On August 19, 1997 with a principal claim that recites a particular method of treating ADHD. Submission of an Abbreviated New Drug Application ("ANDA") seeking approval to market a generic version of atomoxetine by Sun Pharma and others before the expiry of the said patent led to Lilly’s action against the infringement of their patent. Although the claims do not include any indication about the... Read More